1. captainmaxwarbington:

    Bad news - I have been sitting on my god damn couch here in Tumalo with a fucked up ankle and a broken leg. There’s a half way done skate bowl at my house that needs me to work on it, I am stuck in a full leg brace and haven’t left the couch in like a week and I’m already loosing it because I did…

    Get better Bud!!!

  2. Finally

    Pontus creates something amazing again. Man is an artist on all platforms

  3. SUNSCREEN- Summer 14’ by Jesse Gouveia
    Short trips home, peeling noses, concussed minds, summer camp tunnel vision, rolled ankles, coastal refreshers, beach fires, skinny dips, SUNSCREEN Photos by Jesse Gouveia All photos shot 35mm film with Nikon Fm2 between May - August 2014.

    (Source: issuu.com)

  4. summer buby water baby. Myles Soderstrom. July 4th, 2014.

    Little Blue Cam

  5. whats a beach for? Cannon Beach, July 2014

    Nikon fm2

  6. andrewlaldridge:

    jessegouveia mannfrancisco on the set of Biofire yesterday.

  7. Dale. Pacific City, OR. August 2014

    Nikon fm2

  8. Blondies. Jaime & Cheyanne. June 2014

    Nikon fm2. Kodak Tri-X 400

  9. Video Mixtape Teaser

  10. Beach Bums, OR June 2014

    Nikon fm2. Kodak Tri-X 400